Sample Intake Form

To avoid delays, complete and return this form before your samples arrive. The identification of hazardous materials in Section 2 and submission of their respective SDS documents are required

Please note that samples will be entered into queue only after a PO for the full quoted amount is received

Contact Information

Hazardous Materials Identification

We are unable to accept samples until this section is completed and returned to JH. This includes the explicit written identification of all potentially hazardous constituents along with a complete and current copy of each hazardous constituent’s SDS. Additional information may be requested.

Mark ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ for each category which may apply to any constituent of your sample or packaging. Specify all hazardous materials in the lines at the end of this section.

Please upload all SDS documents using the upload button below the "Outline all hazardous constituents" text box near the end of this section.

Sample Sensitivities

To protect the integrity of your samples, let us know if they are sensitive to any of the following

Sample Disposition

Samples which have not been returned or retrieved within 60 days of project completion will be destroyed and disposed of at our earliest convenience. If you anticipate needing these samples for additional JH Analytical services beyond this 60-day window, please let us know.

For return shipment, please provide the following information:

*If you are unable to provide a shipping account number, you may email us a shipping label instead.

Thank you for choosing JH Analytical Labs!

Please mark the shipment with your analysis/case number (if available) and send to

Taylor Frostholm

JH Analytical

213 Hammond Ave

Fremont, CA, 94359

Note: JH Technologies Inc. is not responsible or liable for any loss or damage incurred during shipment.

For additional information, please contact Taylor at: