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June 2023

The Modern White LED [Application Note] Discover the fascinating technology behind white LED lights in our latest application note. Explore the science, working principles, and applications of white LEDs, from

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May 2023

What is Case Hardening? [Application Note] Case hardening, also known as surface hardening, hardens the outer metal surface of a finished or near-finished product while maintaining a soft and malleable

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April 2023

The Metallurgical Analysis of a Camshaft [Application Note] Metallurgical analysis is a critical tool for automotive manufacturers and suppliers looking to prolong the lifetime of complex mechanical systems. Our latest

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March 2023

Laser Welding Analysis [Application Note] Laser welding has been used for years to join materials or perform engraving, and it is commonly used in manufacturing. Our latest application note covers

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Windshield Material Analysis

February 2023

Do you wonder what makes up your windshield? [Application Note] Automotive Windshield Material Analysis Observing road accidents this holiday season made us wonder about the materials that make up automotive

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January 2023

Why Vacuum Coating? JH Analytical provides insight into using vacuum coating in sample preparation and EDS analysis. Read our latest article to find out when you should use vacuum coating

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