Sample Preparation

In the context of materials testing and electrical failure analysis, sample preparation refers to the process by which a sample is cross-sectioned and made ready for further imaging or testing.

Sample Preparation Process

The basic process of mechanical specimen preparation is material removal using abrasive particles in successively finer steps removing material from the surface until you reach the required result. There are several steps to the process:

  1. Cutting the sample down to a manageable size (Sectioning)
  2. Mounting the sample in epoxy to maintain sample integrity and ease of handling during subsequent processes
  3. Grinding, polishing, and lapping to reveal the material structure

JH Analytical Sample Preparation Services

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Buehler Partnership

We have partnered with Buehler, a leading manufacturer of sample preparation equipment. For best results, we maintain the most modern equipment available and are proud that all our tools are less than four years old.

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