Flatness, Roughness, and Warpage

From solder reflow profiles to CNC feed rates, the quality and flatness of a surface can be affected by even minor parameter changes. Through the use of non-contact optical profilometry techniques like confocal microscopy and interferometry, surfaces are scanned, and 3D models are produced.

Parameters like surface roughness and curvature are then extracted from these data sets, providing absolute quantitative values, which can then be compared to specifications. Identifying irregularities on component surfaces allows for the mitigation of potential issues that could impact performance or reliability.

JH Analytical Flatness, Roughness, and Warpage Services

  • Interferometry
  • Confocal Microscopy
  • Active Illumination Focus Variation
  • SEM Inspection

Related Flatness, Roughness, and Warpage

Related Flatness, Roughness, and Warpage

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