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We are here to help you solve your application challenges in the lab. Our goal is to help you get better and faster with superior results. Contact us with your questions any time.

Micah Harrel, JH Analytical Lab Services

Micah Harrel, VP/General Manager

"I love helping people and enjoy watching their eyes light up when I help them solve a problem."

Taylor Frostholm, JH Analytical

Taylor Frostholm, Lab Director

"You can only become truly accomplished at something you love."

Will Bond, JH Analytical Lab Technician

Will Bond, Lab Engineer

"Impossible only means that you haven't found the solution yet."

David Maita, Lab Technician

“I am honored to have the ability to work and learn from a great company with people that have a lot of experience in the industry.”

Christine Nguyen, Administrator

"The only time you should look back, is to see how far you’ve come."

Ayrton Sierra, JH Analytical Labs

Ayrton Sierra, Lab Scientist

"I am looking forward to the variety of instruments and their configurations."

Treasa Cusack, JH Analytical Labs

Treasa Cusack, Analytical Lab Sales

Treasa brings many years of superior customer service, sales and communication experience.

Teresa Vogelsang, JH Analytical Lab Sales

Teresa Vogelsang, Analytical Lab Sales

Teresa has experience in hi tech consultative sales, national advertising buying and marketing, and serving as a coordinator for corporate human resources and finance departments.

Christy Bollinger, Order Management Specialist

Christy comes with 20+ years of experience with a passion for customer support.

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