Chemical Characterization

Chemical characterization is the process of analyzing a material to identify it and its constituents.

Through techniques like EDS, we can determine the elemental composition of an unknown sample or identify impurities, which can be crucial in determining differences in materials or processes.

Chemical characterization also provides insights into the development of new materials and the optimization of existing ones, contributing to advancements in various fields, from materials science to pharmaceuticals.


JH Analytical Chemical Characterization Services

  • Elemental Identification, Quantification, and Mapping
  • Large Area Mapping (LAM)
  • Live Session Elemental Mapping

Related Chemical Characterization Tools

  • ThermoFisher Apreo S Field Emission SEM
  • Oxford Ultim Max 100 EDS Detector
  • Oxford Symmetry S2 EBSD Detector
  • Leica ACE600

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