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November 2023

Material Analysis of Your Favorite Toilet Paper [Application Note] In this material analysis, our team examines four toilet paper brands chosen for quality and performance based on our perception. We

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October 2023

The Construction of Contactless Payment Methods [Application Note] As we’ve moved from swiping to inserting to tapping (contactless payment), what changes have manufacturers made to credit cards? Read our latest

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September 2023

Learn About Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) Imaging and Analysis Scanning electron microscopy is used extensively in various applications, such as material analysis, failure analysis, quality control, and nanotechnology. At JH

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August 2023

A Materials Science Perspective on Genuine vs. Counterfeit Razors [Application Note] Our latest application note delves into the world of shaving blade technology, where materials science plays a crucial role

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July 2023

Anatomy of a Microphone MEMS Device [Application Note] Discover the world of Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) devices as we unveil the anatomy of a microphone MEMS device. From their compact size

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June 2023

The Modern White LED [Application Note] Discover the fascinating technology behind white LED lights in our latest application note. Explore the science, working principles, and applications of white LEDs, from

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