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July 2022

[Application Note] What’s in a Lug Nut, or Any Other Sample? You often ask us questions about what we do and why we do it. We see many types of

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May 2022

Proper Maintenance and Cleaning for your Sputter Coater Our latest application note shows how to properly maintain and clean your materials such as internal shutters and shielding. If you have

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March 2022

What does a heat-treated metal look like after sample preparation and etching? Our latest application note shows how heat treatments affect the grain structure of metal during metallurgical sample preparation.

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February 2022

How to Choose the Correct Mounting Method and Expoxy for Your Samples [Learn from JH Analytical] Why do we mount samples in the lab? And what are the best mounting

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January 2022

Memory Device Cross-Sectioning [Learn from the JH Analytical Team] We start 2022 thinking about you! Our valued customers have brought great success to our analytical business, and we sincerely appreciate

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December 2021

Sample Polishing Methods: Diamond Grinding Disks [Application Note] When is it better to use diamond grinding disks instead of silicon carbide paper or diamond suspension? This article explores five options.

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