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August 2023

A Materials Science Perspective on Genuine vs. Counterfeit Razors [Application Note] Our latest application note delves into the world of shaving blade technology, where materials science plays a crucial role

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July 2023

Anatomy of a Microphone MEMS Device [Application Note] Discover the world of Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) devices as we unveil the anatomy of a microphone MEMS device. From their compact size

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June 2023

The Modern White LED [Application Note] Discover the fascinating technology behind white LED lights in our latest application note. Explore the science, working principles, and applications of white LEDs, from

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May 2023

What is Case Hardening? [Application Note] Case hardening, also known as surface hardening, hardens the outer metal surface of a finished or near-finished product while maintaining a soft and malleable

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April 2023

The Metallurgical Analysis of a Camshaft [Application Note] Metallurgical analysis is a critical tool for automotive manufacturers and suppliers looking to prolong the lifetime of complex mechanical systems. Our latest

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March 2023

Laser Welding Analysis [Application Note] Laser welding has been used for years to join materials or perform engraving, and it is commonly used in manufacturing. Our latest application note covers

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