November 2023

Material Analysis of Your Favorite Toilet Paper [Application Note]


In this material analysis, our team examines four toilet paper brands chosen for quality and performance based on our perception. We want to understand how the microstructure and quality contrast with our opinions of “good” vs. “bad” TP.

Read our latest application note to learn about the microstructure of toilet paper!

Analytical Lab News & Updates

A Successful Open House!

Thank you to our valued customers who attended our open house last week! We connected with several of our customers, as well as the Director of UC Irvine Materials Research Institute (UC IMRI), Dr. Jian-Guo Zheng.

The UC IMRI is full of helpful resources!

Find the Latest Technical Resources on LinkedIn

Our CTO, Micah Harrel, shares tips, tricks, equipment utilization, and process information on his LinkedIn!

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JHA Staff Spotlight! Christy Bollinger

Meet Christy! She is expanding her skill set to support JHA’s lab customers. She is focused on driving our goal of providing you with outstanding customer service!

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