October 2023

The Construction of Contactless Payment Methods [Application Note]


As we’ve moved from swiping to inserting to tapping (contactless payment), what changes have manufacturers made to credit cards?

Read our latest application note to learn about the evolution and the construction of debit and credit cards!


Analytical Lab News & Updates

Elevate Your PCB Quality Control

Learn how Sensofar’s 3D metrology solutions empower us to characterize and analyze PCB surface details in our lab.

SEM Image Spotlight

Look at these incredible images of a MEMS microphone, taken by Will Bond, using a ThermoFisher Apreo S field emission SEM.

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When you submit requests and questions through our contact page, your submissions are monitored by our IT staff and quickly directed to the lab team.

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JHA Staff Spotlight! David Maita

Meet David, our Lab Technician responsible for preparing samples for optical and SEM imaging. David says he is honored to work and learn at JH Technologies.

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We will deliver quality sample preparation and analysis services, exceeding market turnaround times at a competitive price. The combination of these three factors provides you with the best value in the sample preparation marketplace.

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