July 2022

[Application Note] What’s in a Lug Nut, or Any Other Sample?


You often ask us questions about what we do and why we do it. We see many types of samples, questions, and requests from R&D to failure analysis. To make it easier to understand, let’s relate it to something you are familiar with – the lug nut.

If you have questions, we are always here to help!


Analytical Lab News & Updates

New Equipment in Our Labs!

Our newest instrument, COXEM compact SEM with EDS is completely installed and ready to support your analysis needs. This doubles our capacity for analysis allowing us to run applications simultaneously.


Coming July 1! NEW JH Analytical Website

Our new JH Analytical services website is coming soon with a new look and the same great service, including sample preparation, material analysis, hardness testing, and more…


Price Increases are Coming

Due to increases in prices of materials and shipping, we will be instituting a price increase beginning July 15.

To save some money, place your order before July 15 or update your quote. We honor quotes for 30 days.

Our Mission

We will deliver quality sample preparation and analysis services, exceeding market turnaround times at a competitive price. The combination of these three factors provides you with the best value in the sample preparation marketplace.

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