Lab Spotlight: Q&A with Ayrton Sierra, PhD

Q: In lay-mans terms, what’s the big question your work is addressing? 

A: “I have a product with a material issue and I want to know why?” We are problem solvers. People come to us with questions, concerns, or problems and we find the best solution to achieve their expected results.

Q: What are you working on now?

A: We are doing an elemental analysis using EDS to determine if samples were contaminated during the production process. We start with optical inspection to find the areas of interest and then we proceed with SEM and EDS analysis. 

Q: What are your major job functions at the lab?

A: Hands-on responsibility for materials sample preparation using multiple tools, sample imaging (SEM), testing, and performing addtional analyses on customer-provided materials. I contribute content to the JH Analytical website and newsletters, while supporting the activities of JH Technologies with customer demonstrations, application support, and equipment training.

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