November 2022

Why You Should Sputter Coat Samples and Choosing the Right Sputter Coater


Sputter coating is a deposition process that grounds your specimen by covering it with a thin, conductive material layer—typically metal—to improve imaging significantly.

Learn about why you should sputter coat your samples by reading our most recent application note!

Analytical Lab News & Updates


Welcome Ayrton Sierra to the JHA Team!

We are excited to have Ayrton Sierra join us as a Lab Scientist at JH Analytical in Fremont, CA.

With a background in biophysics, chemistry, and physics, Ayrton will work on sample prep services, optical imaging, analysis services, surface metrology, hardness testing, and SEM imaging and analysis.


Expanded Sample Prep Capability for You!

New equipment in the lab! We recently added a COXEM SPT-20 gold coater and a CP8000+ ion mill.

These instruments are up and running and help to expand the capacity in our SEM sample preparation area.

Current Promotions


HUGE Equipment Discounts

We are selling some of our existing instruments at huge discounts to make room for new lab equipment!

Polishers, grinders, sectioning saws, microscopes, SEMs, vision measuring, hardness testers, and more are available for purchase.

For a list of instruments and pricing, please visit our website.


Free Education is Available!

Check out our learning center to see how we improve sample preparation processes, including battery sample prep, handling delicate samples, effective ion milling, and more!

Our Mission

We will deliver quality sample preparation and analysis services, exceeding market turnaround times at a competitive price. The combination of these three factors provides you with the best value in the sample preparation marketplace.

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