Christine Nguyen, Service Coordinator

Christine’s role at JH Technologies includes demonstration inventory management, interfacing with external and internal customers, capturing orders, invoicing, scheduling service calls, and generating quotes. She works hard to provide the […]

Taylor Frostholm, Lab Manager

Taylor is a strategic, accomplished, and results-driven technical leader with 11 years of experience in managing best-in-class multidisciplinary metrology and root cause analysis teams. His background as a high-level consultant […]

William Bond, Senior Lab Technician

Willliam likes the combination of a services lab as part of a distributor as it provides a unique opportunity to work with the newest equipment to provide top-of-the-line analysis. He […]

David Maita, Lab Technician

David has been working with us for a while in our entry-level position as a lab technician. He enjoys learning a new skill set from very knowledgeable people at JH […]

September 2023

Learn About Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) Imaging and Analysis Scanning electron microscopy is used extensively in various applications, such as material analysis, failure analysis, quality control, and nanotechnology. At JH […]

July 2023

Anatomy of a Microphone MEMS Device [Application Note] Discover the world of Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) devices as we unveil the anatomy of a microphone MEMS device. From their compact size […]

April 2023

The Metallurgical Analysis of a Camshaft [Application Note] Metallurgical analysis is a critical tool for automotive manufacturers and suppliers looking to prolong the lifetime of complex mechanical systems. Our latest […]

March 2023


Laser Welding Analysis [Application Note] Laser welding has been used for years to join materials or perform engraving, and it is commonly used in manufacturing. Our latest application note covers […]

February 2023

Windshield Material Analysis

Do you wonder what makes up your windshield? [Application Note] Automotive Windshield Material Analysis Observing road accidents this holiday season made us wonder about the materials that make up automotive […]