January 2024

JHA Goes Back to Its Roots! On Dec 1, JH Analytical became JH Technologies–Analytical Services. We will offer the same exceptional lab services; you’ll just notice our website, logos, and […]

December 2023

[Application Note] Asphalt Analysis: A Road Less Traveled In this SEM and EDS analysis, our team examines an asphalt sample to better understand its composition and structure. Understand asphalt’s building […]

August 2023


A Materials Science Perspective on Genuine vs. Counterfeit Razors [Application Note] Our latest application note delves into the world of shaving blade technology, where materials science plays a crucial role […]

June 2023


The Modern White LED [Application Note] Discover the fascinating technology behind white LED lights in our latest application note. Explore the science, working principles, and applications of white LEDs, from […]

May 2023


What is Case Hardening? [Application Note] Case hardening, also known as surface hardening, hardens the outer metal surface of a finished or near-finished product while maintaining a soft and malleable […]

What is Case Hardening? [Application Note]


Achieving an ideal balance of wear resistance and flexibility is a challenge that metallurgists have faced for centuries. With the advancement of refining and alloying processes, novel methods of optimizing […]